Risetronics specializes in the assembly of Lead Free electronic PCBs :

 . in the field of new electronic designs needing a pre-series or a few prototypes.

. in the production of small batches at recurring intervals (about 30 to 40 units/batch)

Thanks to its flexible structure, Risetronics is the ideal partner for electronic developpers. 

For any assembly of electronic boards, Risetronics will guarantee the job completion whithin the agreed time span, top quality service and a detailed evaluation of the costs.

Depending on the project complexity, the assembly can be carried out automatically for standard reeled SMD components (down to size 0402) or manually for bulk components.

Rework and concept

Risetronics is also able to carry out the rework of electronic boards for any type of components  : BGA, QFPs, QFNs ... and performs the functional tests if needed.

Risetronics also takes in charge your complete project, starting from an electronic diagram.

We can provide you technical support for the design and selection of the appropriate subcontractors for board routing, components purchase, the assembly and functional tests.


Assembled board